HKPA Founder, Mr William Je, announces The HKPA Scholarships

09/08/22 10:55 AM

The founder of Hong Kong People Association (HKPA), Mr William Je, discusses his background, his reasons for re-locating to the UK and the vision for the HKPA, including the plan for launching the HKPA Scholarships.

“HKPA has conducted some seminars and workshops to provide useful information on taxation, housing and job hunting to Hongkongers,” William stated, “Our volunteers also provided humanitarian aids to Ukraine to demonstrate our support of freedom and democracy.”

Talking about the upcoming work of HKPA, William introduced the plan for launching the HKPA Scholarships. According to immigration terms, youth Hongkongers residing in the UK under a BNO Visa, must have lived in the UK for 5 years and granted indefinite leave to remain to enjoy “home fee status”. Otherwise, they must pay overseas fees to study in university for the whole course which are usually 2 – 3 times the fees of local students. These students and their families may not be able to afford such expensive tuition fees. The HKPA Scholarships aims to provide financial assistance to these students, who have high academic achievements but are financially disadvantaged in pursuit of their education.

William concluded in his message to Hong Kong people that he will carry on supporting Hongkongers through the work of HKPA, with courage and belief in righteousness.