Humanitarian Assistance to the People of Ukraine

03/21/22 11:30 AM


The Situation

On 24th February, Russian forces launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine. As heavy fighting continues, the conflict has caused widespread damage in civilian areas, rising casualties including families and children and millions of Ukrainians fleeing to neighbouring countries.

From Kharkiv and Kyiv in the north to Mariupol in the south, major cities are targeted with deadly bomb and missile strikes by Russian special forces and airborne troops. Urban neighbourhoods are becoming battlegrounds. As the conflict expands and escalates, more and more civilians are put in danger.

As of 14 March, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) confirmed at least 1,834 civilian causalities, including 691 killed, with the real figures feared to be much higher. Meanwhile, it is estimated that more than 3 million people have fled Ukraine and up to 200,000 people are fleeing from their home every day.

Followed by the ongoing military operation, OCHA projects that 18 million would be affected by the conflict and 12 million people expected to need humanitarian assistance.

Our Response

In response to this crisis, we are sending humanitarian aid and medical supplies to major Intergovernmental Organizations and local NGOs on the ground to help provide emergency relief to the people of Ukraine.

The humanitarian aid includes medical supplies such as bandages, gloves, antiseptic, gauze, IV bags, nasal cannulas, first aid kits etc. and a variety of other goods and equipment such as clothes, thermal blankets, sleeping bags, and flashlights.

The first two batches of supplies had been handed over to a cross-border convoy, which were later transported to the Zhytomyr field hospital. Some goods were in use immediately before being loaded on a truck.

These supplies will be used for supporting relief, evacuation, and defensive efforts. More are on the way and are scheduled to depart for Ukraine via Poland.

We are incredibly thankful to the kind donation of Himalaya Exchange and the generous support from some big-hearted individuals, as well as our partners on the ground who we are unable to disclose their names due to security reasons.