Mooncake workshop 1_b.png

Mooncake Workshop

Mooncake workshop 1_b.png
08/28/22 05:32 PM

Approaching the very important traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which lies on 11 September this year and Hongkongers usually celebrate by gathering with friends and family as well as enjoying mooncakes together, HKPA organised a workshop for Hongkongers to learn to how to make a contemporary version of mooncake, making the celebration of this traditional festival anew.

Step by step, Jody from the online cakeshop Chroma UK, taught our members making their unique Mid-Autumn Festival dessert – Full Moon. The sphere shape chocolate covered dessert resembles a moon, within which are fillings of traditional salted egg-yolk and the recently popular filling - custard.  This unique dessert combines traditional and modern ingredients, very much fits in the situation for Hongkongers commemorating a familiar historical festival in a new home.

HKPA is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Hong Kong cultures we treasure, be they the Cantonese / traditional Chinese language, food culture, or the “Lion Rock spirit”.  They represent who we are as Hong Kongers, and can also be introduced to our UK friends as a great channel of cultural exchange and mutual understanding.