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We organize a variety of informative talks, knowledge & skills enhancement workshops, social gatherings, cultural exchange events and volunteering activities for Hongkongers to promote a community of mutual support and understanding.

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Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Class

01/06/23 05:21 PM

Through the 8-sessions calligraphy course, our members could master the basic skills of Chinese calligraphy, laying the foundation for long-term practice of calligraphy, which could help nourish personal aesthetic sens
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Bonfire Night Charity Party

11/06/22 04:57 PM

Members enjoyed a night of warm gathering. Many of them were excited playing fireworks for the first time in the UK. The event raised more than £200 for local charities through sales of fireworks and snacks.
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Mooncake Workshop

08/28/22 05:32 PM

Approaching the very important traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which lies on 11 September this year and Hongkongers usually celebrate by gathering with friends and family as well as enjoying mooncakes together, HKPA organised a workshop for Hongkongers to learn to how to make a contemporary version of mooncake.
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Seminar on Property Buying & Mortgage

05/14/22 04:54 PM

HKPA invited experts to give a seminar entailing policies about property buying such as “Help to Buy” and various types and process of mortgage in the UK.

Tax Planning & Career Talk

10/30/21 06:00 PM

On 30 October, the Hong Kong People Association (HKPA) held a tax planning and career talk inviting industry experts to share useful information on tax planning and provide job seeking advice for Hongkongers who have just settled in the U.K. Our guest speakers include Mr. Jonathan Longridge, Recruiter at Hays, and Mr. Max Li, Tax advisor and partner at EIK Business.

Bringing Hong Kong people together in Mid-Autumn Festival

09/17/21 04:33 PM

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival as well as the establishment of the Hong Kong People Association, HKPA organised the first gathering on 17 September inviting Hongkongers and locals to share the joy of the festive season.
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