Alone we can do so little

Together we can
do so much

The Hong Kong People Association (HKPA) was founded to provide help and guidance for newcomers to the UK. Moving to a foreign and unfamiliar country, Hongkongers face the additional challenge of transitioning alone. As a community-based organization, the HKPA works side-by-side with members as they begin their new lives in the UK, providing support for equal opportunity through access of education, health care services and social integration.

Our Vision
HKPA envisions a world where everyone can live a full meaningful life with equality, security, and freedom.

Our Mission
Our mission is to build a bridge between Hong Kong and the UK, sharing cultures and values building a diverse and inclusive society. We provide support for equal opportunity through access of education, healthcare services and social integration, giving Hongkongers the ability to contribute and add to the rich culture of British society.

Message from our founder

"Hongkongers are undoubtedly some of the most skilled, conscientious and industrious people in the world. For those who choose to leave behind the uncertainty associated with the territory, the UK conserves an unrivalled Rule of Law."

- William Je, Founder of HKPA

Get involved

As a newly established organisation, we're in need of friends from everywhere to help us in achieving a better quality of life for all Hong Kongers in UK. Please come join us and we can show our spirit of mutual support and sense of community in this new home!

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