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09/01/2023  3:00 PM

Scholarships to provide financial aids for university studies 


In view of the high international tuition fees BNO Visa holders have to pay, HKPA launches a scholarship scheme for HK students to study in UK universities. The scholarships are open for application from January to end March 2023.  

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01/06/23 05:21 PM

Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Class

Through the 8-sessions calligraphy course, our members could master the basic skills of Chinese calligraphy, laying the foundation for long-term practice of calligraphy, which could help nourish personal aesthetic sens
Bonfire Night photo 3b.jpg
11/06/22 04:57 PM

Bonfire Night Charity Party

Members enjoyed a night of warm gathering. Many of them were excited playing fireworks for the first time in the UK. The event raised more than £200 for local charities through sales of fireworks and snacks.
09/08/22 10:55 AM

HKPA Founder, Mr William Je, announces The HKPA Scholarships

In a video recording conducted in Cantonese, the founder of Hong Kong People Association (HKPA), Mr William Je, talked about his background, his reasons of re-locating to the UK, the vision of setting up the HKPA, as well as the plan of launching the HKPA Scholarships.
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Alone we can do so little

Together we can do so much

The Hong Kong People Association (HKPA) was founded to provide help and guidance for newcomers to the UK. Moving to a foreign and unfamiliar country, Hongkongers face the additional challenge of transitioning alone. As a community-based organization, the HKPA works side-by-side with members as they begin their new lives in the UK, providing support for equal opportunity through access of education, health care services and social integration.

Reconnecting the Hong Kong
community together

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Why don't we have a taste of UK? There are a lot of fantastic restaurants in the UK, delicious British local food, regional specialities from all over the globes, as well as Michelin Star restaurants. If you miss Hong Kong-style food, feel free to explore the local streets or shopping malls for bubble tea, egg waffle with ice cream on top, wok noodles and so on.

Happy school life with no homework? Flexible teaching methods with different subjects that you haven't heard of? 'How to find a good school for my children?', 'Is there any course I can attend to improve my English?' We're going to share a lot of information with you so you can pick the good school and set a path for your kids to succeed!

Since the UK is a much bigger country where the are so many cities with different kinds of lifestyle and pace, it may be difficult to choose where to settle down. A lot of questions such as 'is it safe to live in this area?', 'Are there amenities in this neighbourhood?' come from the Hong Kongers just arrive in the UK. You will be able to find out more on our website and seminars we're going to organise.

Every citizen in the UK is registered with a GP (General Practitioner) at the NHS and get medical services for free. But how to register and go to the doctor could be an issue. Where to get your prescription? What about the serious illness? Or the dental services? How long does it usually need to wait? Where can I get a good GP? We're going to fill you with information and tips to stay healthy.

Every Hong Konger who is registered for the Council Tax will have the right to vote. Please don't hesitate to register as a voter and exercise your right! The UK political system is very decentralised, and the local government has a lot of power unlike Hong Kong. For example, there are 32 boroughs in London and how the borough is governed matters a lot. So be a proud British citizen and act on your democratic right!

London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edingburgh... there are many ancient cities in the UK but also represent the robust and modern face of the 21st century Britain that worth a visit. From musicals, dramas, operas, to football, holiday parks, museums, art centres and exhibitions, you can spend a day or a week to explore different parts of the UK. Besides, there are also the natural scenes such as the highlands in Scotland, seaside at the English Channel waiting for you.