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Unlike in Hong Kong, there are wide ranges of supermarkets too choose in the UK with different price levels:

  • Low (Lidl, Aldi)

  • Medium (Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons)

  • High (Waitrose, M&S Food)

You can also register club cards so you can get points, discounts, or freebies for the grocery shopping. You can also find some Hong Kong food and drinks in some of these supermarkets, such as Nissin instant noodles and Vita lemon tea in your local Sainsbury’s.

If you want some special Hong Kong or Asian food, you may need to look for the Asian grocery stories near your neighbourhood. They usually have many special grocery food and drinks from all over Asia, some of which you may be surprised to discover! H Mart, a Korean chain supermarket in London is one of the bigger ones you may want to check it out.

Eating out

Eating out can be very expensive in the UK, but it is always pleasant to have a night out with your family, friends, or date. There are a lot of varieties of restaurants with regional specialities from all over the world, given UK is such a multicultural country. If you miss your food from home, there is also Chinatowns in the major cities in the UK. Wong Kei and Man Hing (Little Four Seasons) are one of the most famous Cantonese restaurants in London.


As many people know, British people love to drink! There are a bars, pubs and clubs in the UK that get very busy on the weekends. The price of alcohol is similar to Hong Kong, depending on where you are. It is always good to have a few drinks with colleagues or friends after work or on holidays!

Besides alcohol to make you drunk, British people also love tea and coffee that would freshen you up in the typical British gloomy days. There are also a lot of small coffee shops all over the country, in addition to the big chain coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa and Nero.

Tap water in the UK is sometimes called hard water. It is drinkable but it is also consisted of high mineral content. Some say that using hard water would cause hair loss and suggest softening the water by filter such as the BRITA water filter jug. Some also use limescale remover to remove the stain from your kettle and sink.

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