Scholarships for University Studies 


“HKPA Scholarships for University Studies” aims to provide financial aids to students from Hong Kong, who are not able to afford international tuition fees, to further university education.

Students from Hong Kong residing in the UK, either under BNO Visa or are seeking asylum, must have lived in the UK for 5 years and granted indefinite leave to remain on the first day of the first academic year to enjoy “home fee status”. Otherwise, they have to pay overseas fees to study in university, which range from about £13,500 to over £50,000 a year.

Although it is possible for circumstances to change so that one stops being an “overseas” fee payer and become a “home” fee payer for the second (or later) year of the course, it is extremely unusual. Students usually have to pay overseas tuition fees for the whole undergraduate course (3 – 5 years) once they are classified as “overseas status”.

These students are eligible for apply the “HKPA Scholarships for University Studies”. Please read through the “Guidelines, terms & conditions” and apply by completing the online application form.

Scholarship amount:
Scholarship - 25% to 50% of the annual tuition fee
Bursary - £1,000 / year / student
*Or other amounts the selection panel consider appropriate

Number of awards:
Scholarship—Up to 5 students / year
Bursary – Up to 10 students / year

Application Deadline
31 March 2023