How to get a job

Finding a job is one of the big things that Hong Kongers are concerned when they come to the UK. There are many tools you can use to better your chance on finding a job.


Polish your CV

You should update your location to UK in your CV.

You don't need to put all your peronsal information on your CV. Usually, your name, phone number, email address and home address should be enough.

You don't have to list all your work experiences in your CV. Just put your job history which is related to the post you're applying for. It's better to keep the CV short, ideally no more than 2 pages.

You may also add a personal statement on the top of your CV to summarise your experience and aspirations if you think your CV isn't strong enough.



Due to the pandemic, most job interviews nowadays are held online. So remember that you have your Zoom account, webcam, microphone and speaker set up and a stable internet connection. You should also make sure you are in a quiet and undisturbed environment for your job interview.

STAR technique

Interviewers may use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) format to ask you some specific examples on which you have faced a recent challenging situation and what your target was, what action you took and what the outcome was. It is a good opportunity to show your capability and experience.


Average salaries by industry

The followings are information about the Average Salaries by industry for your reference. In April 2020, the median weekly earnings for full-time employees went up by 0.1 per cent compared to the previous year, meaning that the average person took home about £585.50 per week, which works out at around £31,461 a year. Actually, 20k is a good wage if you're young, fresh out of uni, still living with parents or in a house share but for a career it's not a lot. You'd still be living pay cheque to pay cheque. You can't buy a house or support a family on 20k. Lots of households support families on incomes of less than 20k. It would be difficult to get to know the salary range of the job you're looking for at the beginning, so we're providing the salary range of some industries for your reference, so you can ask for a good price when you're offered a job!
Here’s some of the industries average salaries and wages in the UK as of 2021:

Accountant £30,200/year
Accounting Manager £32,800/year
Accounting Technician £21,200/year
Accounts Administrator £20,700/year
Accounts Assistant £22,100/year
Bank Accountant £36,200/year
Chartered Accountant £35,600/year
Financial Accountant £36,400/year
Forensic Accountant £36,720/year
Fund Accountant £43,400/year
Management Accountant £38,500/year
Project Accountant £33,400/year
Tax Accountant £28,600/year
Assistant Project Manager £32,200/year
Dental Receptionist £20,000/year
Digital Project Manager £48,600/year
Medical Receptionist £22,000/year
Medical Secretary £22,500/year
Project Manager £57,500/year
Receptionist £17,400/year
School Secretary £17,500/year
Secretary £22,000/year
Veterinary Receptionist £21,000/year
Graphic Designer £28,900/year
Design & Architecture
Architect £37,500/year
Architectural Technician £29,800/year
Architectural Technologist £33,200/year
Industrial Designer £36,600/year
Interior Designer £35,700/year
Landscape Architect £38,500/year
Naval Architect £38,700/year
Project Architect £43,600/year
Quantity Surveyor £38,700/year
Web Designer £29,000/year
Aerospace Engineer £48,000/year
Biomedical Engineer £31,500/year
Chemical Engineer £50,000/year
Civil Engineer £45,000/year
Electrical Engineer £52,000/year
Electronics Engineer £44,000/year
Energy Engineer £53,000/year
Engineer £48,000/year
Environmental Engineer £45,500/year
Marine Engineer £48,000/year
Materials Engineer £47,000/year
Mechanical Engineer £46,000/year
Mechatronics Engineer £47,500/year
Nuclear Engineer £52,500/year
Process Engineer £49,000/year
Software Engineer £48,000/year
Telecommunications Engineer £44,500/year
Information Technology (IT)
Computer Technician £23,300/year
Data Analyst £35,200/year
IT Security Consultant £41,600/year
IT Technician £26,800/year
Network Security Consultant £41,300/year
Software Developer £31,000/year
System Administrator £34,500/year
Web Developer £34,000/year
Assistant Marketing Manager £32,800/year
Brand Manager £42,700/year
Copywriter £28,600/year
Digital Marketing Executive £25,100/year
Digital Marketing Manager £42,500/year
Marketing Director £98,700/year
Marketing Executive £25,600/year
Marketing Manager £44,500/year
Media & Publishing
Production Assistant £20,670/year
Production Coordinator £27,400/year
Production Director £69,700/year
Translator £24,300/year
Baker £26,300/year
Bakery Manager £28,700/year
Food Technologist £31,600/year
Chef £25,300/year
Chef De Partie £23,400/year
Commis Chef £20,250/year
Head Chef £32,400/year
Kitchen Assistant £16,200/year
Pastry Chef £23,500/year
Pizza Chef £26,300/year
Sommelier £26,800/year
Sous Chef £27,400/year
Waiter £17,100/year
Winemaker £33,900/year
Safety & Security
Airport Security Officer £24,100/year
Health and Safety Advisor £31,600/year
Health and Safety Manager £39,400/year
Health and Safety Officer £28,400/year
Police Officer £31,500/year
Security Consultant £40,300/year
Security Guard £21,700/year
Security Officer £20,800/year
Account Manager £37,800/year
Global Account Manager £55,200/year
Key Account Manager £46,700/year
Medical Sales Representative £37,000/year
National Account Manager £41,800/year
National Sales Manager £48,700/year
Regional Account Manager £33,700/year
Regional Sales Manager £43,400/year
Sales Account Manager £36,200/year
Sales Assistant £18,600/year
Sales Director £86,000/year
Sales Executive £32,300/year
Sales Manager £48,000/year
Technical Account Manager £40,800/year
Tourism & Hospitality
Cabin Crew £16,200/year
Flight Attendant £16,200/year
Hotel Assistant Manager £25,600/year
Hotel General Manager £44,300/year
Hotel Manager £37,200/year
Hotel Receptionist £18,800/year
Interpreter £26,500/year
Travel Agent £21,100/year
Travel Consultant £22,400/year
Transport & Logistics
Air Traffic Controller £52,400/year
Airline Pilot £54,000/year
Ambulance Driver £24,000/year
Bus Driver £23,000/year
HGV Driver £32,100/year
Taxi Driver £24,000/year
Train Conductor £29,000/year
Train Driver £48,500/year
Truck Driver £30,200/year

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