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Bonfire Night Charity Party

Bonfire Night photo 3b.jpg
11/06/22 04:57 PM

Over 50 members enjoyed a night of warm gathering. Many of them were excited playing fireworks for the first time in the UK. The event raised more than £200 for local charities through sales of fireworks and snacks.

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes night, is a special British commemoration on every 5 November.  With its rather religious and political origin dated back in 1605, Bonfire Night has evolved into an enjoyable social commemoration nowadays, with people lighting bonfires and displaying fireworks to celebrate.

To gather Hongkongers to have a taste of the local commemoration and try fireworks lighting, which is banned in Hong Kong, HKPA organised the Bonfire Night Charity Party on 5 Novemeber 2022, at the same time to raise money for local charities through charity sale. Although it was a little cold on the day of the event, the weather was better than expected. Participants had a great time setting off fireworks for the first time!

More than £200 was raised for Haven Green Baptist Church and Ealing Foodbank to support local charity work, which made the event a meaning one, more than just a festive party.