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Hong Kong values

In the HKPA, we aim to preserve and promote the Hong Kong values we see as distinct, significant, and dear to our hearts. They represent who we are as Hong Kongers, and can also be introduced to our UK friends as a great channel of cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Alone we can do so little

Lion Rock Spirit

The Lion Rock spirit is inherited by the Hong Kong people through generations. It cemented from their real-life experiences of overcoming the economic hardship in the early post-war years and turning the city into one of the most prosperous financial hubs in the world. The Lion Rock spirit stands for resilience, hard working and professionalism.

Alone we can do so little

Traditional Chinese characters

Hong Kong is one of the few places where people still write in traditional Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese characters took shapes in the 2nd century and have remained mustly in the same structure in the past 1,900 years. It represents the essence of the traditional Chinese culture.

Alone we can do so little

Cantonese language

Hong Kong is a major hub of the Cantonese language which is spoken by more than 80 million people. The Hong Kong people take a major role in preserving and promoting the language through media and popular culture. Cantonese can be playful and very fun!

Alone we can do so little

Hong Kong-style milk tea

Hong Kong style milk tea is the perfect embodiment of Hong Kong's hybrid culture of Chinese and Western influence. The delicate drink made from Ceylon black tea, pu'er tea and other tea leave blends is mixed wth condensed milk becoming a signature drink of the city.


Alone we can do so little


Hong Kong has been considered one of the freest economies in the world when it was founded as a free trade port which champions free movement of people, capital, and goods. It also cherishes freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. With the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong, the HKPA hopes to preserve these values in the UK.


Alone we can do so little

Feng Shui

Feng Shui originates from ancient China which believes the invisible energy forces in the environment in which we can accommodate it by designing the building or home in particular ways in order achieve good fortune. It is still very popular in Hong Kong and can be seen in many local architectures and urban planning, while fascinates people in the East as well as the West in its mysterious ways.

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